Dedication and flexibility

In Balmes Residence strive for the good of the student in every way. We monitor the entry and stay 24 hours a day, but we give free access at any time. Offer adequate dining needs, yet flexible hours to eat.
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Family atmosphere

Dedicated to the attention and care of the student since 1995

Flexible hours

We give students the freedom to come and go 24 hours a day


Around us find museums, libraries, shops, cinemas, entertainment, etc…

In downtown

Our situation in the center of Barcelona is privileged. Bus, metro, railway, etc.
Satisfied Students
The wide spaces, natural light conditions room, rigorous cleaning and theaters equipped to study both to relax and watch the TV satisfy all our residents.

You can enjoy all our benefits at an affordable price knowing you’re in the center of Barcelona.

from 775€/month

Live well and you will study better

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Contact us if you want us to answer any questions about the residence and its services.